10 easy ways to drink more water

When you genuinely know what your goals are, achieving them is much simpler! Spend some time intentionally deciding how much water you want to consume each day, and then hold yourself to it. Choose a gift you'll give yourself after a week of drinking more water if you need some extra motivation.  

Set a daily goal

Do you think water has a bland flavor? If you tend to prefer more delicious beverages like juices and sodas, experiment with spiking your water. Create your own at-home spa water by adding lemon, lime, or berries, or look for a particular brand of flavor drops or powders to encourage you to grab for the glass. 

Flavor it

Not a drinker? Instead, try a snack. Foods high in water content that keep you hydrated include cucumber, celery, lettuce, broth, and even plain yogurt. 

Eat water-filled foods

If you don't have a container with you, how can you drink more water? Make sure to get your reusable water bottle along with your phone, keys, and wallet before leaving the house.

Keep a reusable bottle with you

Make use of your phone as a hydration reminder. Try setting an alarm for certain periods during the day, such as after lunch or right after your cup of coffee, when you might need a reminder to drink some water. 

Set reminders

One of the simplest "hacks" to improve your hydration may be this one. By setting a goal to consume one glass of water every hour, you'll be adequately hydrated by the end of the day without even trying!

Drink one glass of water every hour

Fancy ice cubes are the way to go if you're looking for a quick method to spice up your water. Simply use ingredients like fruit and herbs to produce your own ice cubes. This makes it easier to get rid of food leftovers from your refrigerator and instantly gives your water a delicious flavor and appealing appearance.

Add fancy ice cubes

It's not necessary to reserve spa water for a trip to the spa. You can replicate the same delectable, refreshing taste of "spa water" at home by adding fruits like strawberries and cucumber.

Make your own spa water

Being aware of how much water you've consumed visually might help you remember to stay hydrated. You may get a high-tech bottle that links to your phone and prompts you to drink more water, or you can choose from a seemingly limitless selection of adorable water bottles with markers on the side of the bottle.

Buy a water bottle that tracks it

Use an app that keeps you on track to make your hydration goals more enjoyable. Numerous apps are available that can remind you to drink water and assist you in keeping track of how much you actually do. 

Use an app


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