49ers: Young player's remarkable relationship with father

Alfredo Gutierrez surprises when he enters. Even though the 6-foot-9 offensive tackle is the tallest player on the San Francisco 49ers, seeing him in person puts things in perspective.

A tall football player is intimidating and frequently aggressive. Gutierrez is different in the radio studio he enters in his own country. He's the nicest guy.

He treats everyone he meets like a friend and avidly listens to radio hosts and politicians.

How does a collegiate star who becomes one of two NFL players born in Mexico be modest and easy-going? His father.

Gutierrez told 20-year-old sports radio program Antena Deportiva Chihuahua, "He is to blame, he raised me like this." "Why would I be any other way?"

As his dad sits next to him, he answers on air. You read correctly. 27-year-old offensive lineman brought his father. How many NFLers do that? A few.

Gutierrez jokes, "Except when I'm with the ladies." However, Alfredo discloses the touching reason why his father is always at his side. 

Why not share my experiences with my dad, who introduced me to sports? Alfredo says, "I arrive to the hotel and tell him 'hey dad come to this so you know how it happens' or 

 'Come to the red carpet when we get to the parking lot (at the stadium)' or in this instance to this journey to Chihuahua.

Gutierrez understands he must establish himself in his third year under the International Player Pathway. He can't stay on the practice squad through this year. 

"The years of feeling overwhelmed or scared by all these changes are gone and I think this year can be different."

Last year's 49ers preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings earned him a game ball from coach Shanahan. Gutierrez's ambition is obvious, 

Even with one more year of IPP roster exemption as an international player. "I'm hopin  to make the 53 after two years of learning."



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