7 High-Fibre Snacks for Weight Loss

Sweet Potato Wedges

 They aid in weight loss and provide a prolonged energy boost after consumption. 

Brinjal Chips

Because of its high fiber content and low calorie count, brinjal is a healthy addition to any diet. 


Adding oats and vegetables to standard besan dhokla makes it even more healthy and suitable for those trying to lose weight. 

Ragi Cookies

Ragi flour may be used for more than just cheelas and bhakris; it can also be used into delicious cookies.

Amaranth Tikki

 Tikkis are a simple and tasty way to enjoy it. This unusual snack is made with boiled amaranth seeds that are combined with vegetables and spices.

Lauki Vadi

You may have heard that lauki juice is beneficial, particularly for people trying to lose weight.

Makhana Bhel

Make a dry but flavorful bhel with makhana for a tasty snack. Makhana, potatoes, peanuts, and chilies are mixed with special spices.



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