Adidas' $75 million bank freeze is overturned.

NY - A federal judge reversed a secret court judgment that froze millions in Ye's Yeezy brand's bank accounts, suggesting Kanye West was correct about a freeze.

On Friday, federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni revoked a court order that enabled the freezing of $75 million in Yeezy's bank accounts.

Because Adidas failed to "confirm" the order in court, as required by New York state law, Billboard reported.

Adidas "deprived" Yeezy a fair opportunity to fight the freeze, the court decided.

Adidas launched a lawsuit against Yeezy on November 11, weeks after cutting relations with Ye West for his antisemitic comments.

Adidas filed suit because it claims $75 million of their money is in Yeezy's bank accounts.

The corporation wanted to ensure the money didn't vanish once the companies separated.

Judge Caproni accepted Adidas' request for a "attachment" order ex parte, freezing Yeezy's assets without giving him an opportunity to respond.

Judge Caproni ruled Friday that "Adidas’s failure to file a motion to confirm nullifies the attachment order."

The judgment unfreezes Yeezy's bank accounts. Adidas' arbitration dispute may block Yeezy's assets again.


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