Aries Monthly Horoscope, June 2023

As the June 3 Sagittarius full moon unfolds, you'll have an epiphany regarding your current values and belief structures.

The first lunation of the month is a lucky time to embrace your current beliefs while releasing any viewpoints that have been constrictive or out of date.

You're constantly searching for fresh, intriguing methods to truly liberate yourself, and right now is an excellent opportunity to be impulsive and drastically expand your horizons.

Plan a trip abroad or sign up for that yoga certification program - anything that gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and purpose. rastically expand your horizons.

On June 5, Venus enters the flamboyant, expressive sign of Leo, where it will stay until October 2023. rastically expand your horizons.

Your artistic endeavors, pastimes, and leisure activities are expected to be stimulated during this four-month transit in a way that puts you in the spotlight. rastically expand your horizons.

You'll be looking for praise for your abilities throughout this time, and that's only natural! You have the chance to improve your craft this month and spread the joy it offers you to those around you. rastically expand your horizons.

On June 18, the Gemini new moon ushers in fresh beginnings for your existing knowledge, concepts, and academic pursuits, encouraging you to consider some crucial inquiries about what you still need to discover. rastically expand your horizons.

You'll be eager to dive into the books today to keep your mind active, whether this is a hobby or something more academic. rastically expand your horizons.

As the sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21, things start to take on a more receptive, nurturing tone. rastically expand your horizons.

This time of year is all about finding warmth and ease at home and with your loved ones, so look for fresh ways to make your sanctuary even more hospitable. rastically expand your horizons.

While the situation is more emotionally charged right now, this will help you re-establish your instinct, encouraging you to base decisions more on intuition than pure impulse. rastically expand your horizons.

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