Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A Message

Schwarzenegger's praise is well-deserved after Netflix's latest TV series reached a streaming milestone.

This True Lies-style comedy about father-daughter espionage action has drawn audiences, making Schwarzenegger's grueling days on set worth it. 

The series, co-starring Top Gun: Maverick's Monica Barbaro, topped the charts in a short period, which is even more impressive.

FUBAR might benefit from a #1 ranking as the eight-episode adrenaline trip has only been on the streamer for a week.

The platform has many Arnold Schwarzenegger games. Arnie's "The Arnold Collection" picture includes Kindergarten Cop and Conan the Barbarian

Schwarzenegger is Netflix's "Chief Action Officer," but this social media post shows his sincere gratitude

 FUBAR's success may improve his connection with the streaming platform/studio partner.

Netflix has all eight episodes of FUBAR's explosive comedy. Arnold, a more restrained Schwarzenegger docuseries, premieres on June 7. 



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