Bartise Bowden reveals he conceived his baby

Bartise Bowden confesses. Many admirers wondered when the reality TV star conceived his baby in April. 

 He appeared in "Love Is Blind" Season 3 and "Perfect Match" Season 1, which launched six months apart.

On his Talk’R podcast on Monday, he discussed his new fatherhood and connection with "baby mama" Olivia Gross.

"I did 'Love Is Blind,' I did 'Perfect Match,' and I had a son, and the timeline of all of that, how it plays out on camera, doesn't make any sense," Bowden, who is 27, said.

"What really happened was that I filmed "Love Is Blind," and between "Love Is Blind" and "Perfect Match," I had a whole relationship, filmed "Perfect Match," came back, and got pregnant."

He then said that he waited to disclose until after "Perfect Match" debuted to avoid putting his kid or "baby mama" in the limelight.

Bowden shot "Love Is Blind" in June 2021 before Netflix released it in October 2022. He did "Perfect Match" in March 2022 before its February 2023 debut.

He praised his "beautiful" co-parenting relationship with Gross, 25, despite their breakup.

“I’m so proud of our relationship, the three of us together, even though we’re not dating,” Bartise remarked. “We co-parent and single-parent.”



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