Can Cowboys Win Hopkins Over on Dak?

Rumor became reality. Arizona Cardinals great receiver DeAndre Hopkins has left the eye-of-the-hurricane, where commotion surrounded him but nothing happened in the center.

Arizona cut Hopkins. Oddsmakers declare the Dallas Cowboys the 2/1 top landing site.

But... Hopkins intimated on the I AM ATHLETE show that an offseason Cowboys recruiting approach and his "talk to me!" reaction were just pleasantries.

Hopkins named Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson as his best five quarterbacks to play alongside. 

Hopkins struggled at No. 5 after identifying his top four. Dak Prescott's last-place finish was expected with all the Cowboys talk. 

Hopkins shook his head when podcast host and former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall suggested Dak to assist "Nuk" find an answer.

Hopkins' non-response to Dak's query might be considered "disrespect." However, Hopkins' soft-spokenness may have led him to mention Prescott.

Prescott deserves recognition, even though he may not be as good as Mahomes, Allen, Hurts, or Burrows. 

He's third in Cowboys history in passing yards (24,943) and second in touchdowns (166) with a 61-36 record, the fifth-most victories by a quarterback.

Hopkins stressed that Prescott should be considered exceptional when addressing what he wants in an organization, whether in Arizona or abroad.

"Stable management upstairs," Hopkins added. "I don't think I've had that much in the last few years of my job,

since I moved from Houston to Arizona.... ... and a superb defense. Great defense wins championships.”


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