Cancer Monthly Horoscope, June 2023

On June 3, as the Sagittarius full moon unfolds, your relationship to your health and everyday routines will take center stage.

Your habits need to leave lots of room for change because you are the sign ruled by ebb and flow, and this full moon is emphasizing this need.

Make an effort to do something unusual today to keep daily rituals from getting too routine. You need independence even in the most everyday activities, such as how you exercise or how you take care of yourself.

Today is about finding freedom inside the routines that keep you operating at your best, not about adding additional order to your life.

On June 18, the Gemini new moon will give your mental health routines a much-needed update.

Your top priority right now is to recharge your batteries with activities that, despite taking place in private, yet leave you feeling mentally stimulated.

Your alone time is quite important, and it's a time when you may be a little crazy without being overly self-conscious. Use today to give yourself all the attention you deserve.

The sun will enter Cancer on June 21, highlighting your intrinsic need for emotional security and comfort. People will undoubtedly notice when you start to feel like yourself again.

It may become more demanding for your time and energy as a result, so be careful not to overextend yourself in an effort to please everyone.

While it's great to feel needed by those around you, it's especially important right now to prioritize your needs. Now that your intuition is speaking out loud, pay attention to what it has to say.

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