Celtics’ season comes to an abrupt, painful end: 9 takeaways from Game 7

The Celtics were defeated 103-84 by the Heat in Game 7, ending their chances of making NBA Finals history as well.

The Celtics' season came to an end in the most ideal, microcosmic way possible: they were on the cusp of something extraordinary but were unable to make the decisive step into history.

The Celtics had the appearance of a squad that should have been outstanding but never quite achieved it after their disastrous start.

They were surprisingly subpar when playing the Hawks. To defeat the 76ers, they needed seven games. They lost two games at home to a Heat squad that couldn't match their firepower, as is only natural.

On some level, it's hard to blame the Celtics for their inability to come back from a 3-0 hole, just as it's hard to blame them for losing the championship.

After all, doing both has historically been challenging. NBA teams have attempted to come back after falling behind 3-0, but none have ever succeeded.

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