Commanders Breaking: Ex-All-Pro Cut?

Andrew Norwell's two moves with the Washington Commanders might terminate last year's top free agency signing.

Norwell will be sent to PUP in preparation for his cap space reduction.

Bleacher Report says, "You may have heard of Andrew Norwell because he got a big-money contract after an All-Pro season in 2017." 

 He's started nine years and should start a 10th. However, if the Commanders require cap space, he may go. Washington saves $4.38 million if he's released after June 1.

The Commanders' offensive line gave up the seventh-most sacks in the NFL last season, but Norwell, 31, started 16 games and had just four penalties.

The club signed guard/center Nick Gates and tackle Andrew Wylie, who might shift third-year pro Sam Cosmi to guard. 

The squad also picked versatile trench players Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels. Washington may have cheaper alternatives to Norwell who may play this season.

Norwell's contract is expiring, so he wasn't a long-term choice for the Commanders, but he's a veteran who seldom makes errors. 

Norwell had four penalties last year and might mentor the rookie offensive lineman.

OTAs should show Washington's fresh signings and draftees. If they impress, Norwell may leave the Commanders.



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