Daniel Hudson Will Throw After Cortisone Injection

Daniel Hudson, one of the Los Angeles Dodgers' best bullpen pitchers, tore his left ACL in June, ending his season.

Due to knee and right ankle tendonitis, Hudson's 2023 Opening Day debut was delayed until late April. Hudson was placed on the 60-day disabled list, delaying his return until June.

Hudson had a cortisone shot since his left knee was the only problem.

Hudson reported the patella graft region had increased irritation and tendinitis. “It was bothering me and hindering me toward the end of camp. 

 Struggled to overcome it. We injected more aggressively, and it's better now.”

After the cortisone injection, Hudson feels well enough to throw again. He hopes it was the jolt he needed to start working for a Dodgers bullpen comeback.

Hope so. "We'll know in a couple weeks," Hudson added. I'm expected to start pitching harder and facing batters.

Before the knee injury last season, Hudson was 2-3 with a 2.22 ERA, 2.05 FIP, and 0.90 WHIP in 25 games. If he recovers, he should play a high-leverage position, maybe as the team's closer, in 2023.



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