Duluth Memorial Day Parade

Today, millions of Americans paid tribute to those who lost their lives while serving the country. That included the West Duluth Memorial Day procession.

Many different people, including business owners and philanthropic organizations, walked alongside our veterans.

They perform occasions including weddings and birthday parties. They donate all of their profits to Ronald McDonald House. 

Jeremy Dickson, co-founder of Twin Ports Ghostbusters, stated, "It means a lot since my cousin, who had leukemia, spent time at the Ronald McDonald House and Jay really spent time there.

Dickson is honored to walk beside a group of individuals who have a similar passion. Co-founder Matt Rasmussen explains their objectives.

"We really want to increase awareness of not just the fact that there are ghostbusters in the area, but also of what our cause is,

and we want to get our message out in new and unique ways this year, and we kind of already done that with a few different events," said Matt Rasmussen, Co-Founder of Twin Ports Ghostbusters.

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