ESPN’s Sam Ponder Blasted for ‘Bigotry’ in Regard to Transgender Athletes

Sam Ponder, an ESPN broadcaster, has come under fire for a tweet she made in response to one about transgender athletes playing high school sports, in which she asked for "fairness" in girls' sports.

Consider the tweet Riley Gaines made in opposition to transgender athletes competing in women's sports. Gaines is a former University of Kentucky swimmer. 

In her initial tweet, Gaines displayed texts she had gotten from Californian fathers and girls who were angry that transgender girls were participating in high school track and field tournaments.

Ponder responds by stating that she has heard tales of girls who want to speak up but won't because they risk being labeled "hateful."

Nancy Armour, a columnist for USA Today, saw Ponder's post and called him out for his "bigotry."

"Don't be fooled by the people who screech about 'fairness' to cloak their bigotry toward transgender girls and women,

the transgender girls and women who have the audacity to want to play sports, in particular," Armour wrote in a piece published on Sunday.

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