Gallup and Cowboys WRs: Why Not Hopkins?

Michael Gallup, a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, believes he's not the same athlete that averaged 30.3 receiving yards per game in 14 games last year.

Gallup thinks he'll rebound in his sixth NFL season as he recovers from his January 2022 torn left ACL.

It's unique. Gallup recently said, "I feel springy again." Gallup's good recuperation is one reason we believe Dallas will not make a blockbuster offer for free agent receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

This is not to claim that Gallup is better than Hopkins, but that a healthy Gallup and Dallas' other two top pass-catchers may convince Cowboys management that the squad is well-stocked.

Gallup caught 66 catches for 1,107 yards and six touchdowns for the Cowboys in 2019. 

After Dallas selected CeeDee Lamb in the 2020 NFL Draft, Gallup had more mouths to feed than Amari Cooper, which may have restricted his development. 

However, Gallup's earlier flashes helped the Cowboys move on from Cooper after the 2021 season, certain they still had two outstanding receivers. 

That tactic fails because Gallup, less than a year after tearing his ACL, never looked like himself last year. 

The Cowboys overused Lamb, who caught 39 passes for 424 yards.  After ripping your ACL, you may not be at full speed or agility.

 Gallup feels much better than last summer. He believes the 2019–2020 version of himself with 1,950 receiving yards will return.

Gallup said, "I'm sure I'll be that guy." "Very assured. Feels strange. It's airy. I'll be honest. I smile whenever I enter that place."

If Gallup is "that guy" again in 2023, the Cowboys' offense will be among the NFL's best. In March, the Cowboys traded for veteran wide receiver Brandin Cooks,

Who has over 8,600 career receiving yards, adding to Lamb and Gallup. Maybe the Cowboys have three "that guys," reducing the possibility of "that other guy."



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