Heat Fans Mistakenly Celebrating at Wedding Party Is Saddest Thing You’ll See Today

But that phrase merely scratches the surface of what Heat supporters went through in the last seconds of their team's game against the Celtics on Saturday. 

At the conclusion of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami fans across the internet posted their reactions to what they believed would be their team's game-winning stop,

but instead they posted hilarious videos of them painfully realizing the Heat had just lost at the hands of Derrick White off a legendary buzzer beater.

Even the TNT graphics experts produced a score error that falsely said the Heat had won both the game and the series.

So it makes sense that Miami fans hastily celebrated what ultimately proved to be a heartbreaking loss.

Perhaps the best example of this kind of video was during a wedding, and it could have all been prevented if they had simply kept watching for a second longer. 

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