Here's Each Zodiac Sign's Strength.

Your friends can expect you to be frank since you never obfuscate, yet you sweeten your vinegar with comedy.

Aries: directness

 This is an excellent attribute for a buddy, but Gailing thinks your greatest strength comes from another earth element trait—dependability.

Taurus: dependability

Gemini, you're witty and talkative. Mercury, the planet of communication, regulates your vitality

Gemini: curiosity

Cancer, your water element makes you in tune with your emotions, so you can easily care for others. 

Cancer: caretaking

Leo, your sun sign makes you naturally magnetic. This energy comes from your fire element, which Brooks calls your friendship strength—your capacity to have fun.

Leo: fun

As an earth sign, Virgos are structured and sensitive. Mercury rules you, thus Gailing believes your friendship strength is your clarity.

Virgo: clarity

Libra, you seek equilibrium in everything. As the diplomat of the zodiac, you cherish justice and are open to many viewpoints due to your air sign element. 


Scorpio, you love deeply but seldom. As a Pluto-ruled water sign, you feel everything and express everything, including your affection for pals. 

Scorpio: loyalty

Sagittarius, the zodiac's wanderer, is the buddy people call for an adventure. All astrologers rated your adventurous spirit as your best relationship trait. 

Sagittarius: adventure

Capricorn, you're often criticized for being self-centered. You're a determined go-getter since Saturn rules your cardinal earth sign. 

Capricorn: encouragement

Aquarius is known for being sociable despite their profound urge for independence.

Aquarius: inspiration

Pisces, your huge heart shows. You're creative and sensitive to your friends' emotions, ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination.

Pisces: empathy

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