Insider discusses Tom Brady's challenges if he joined Raiders.

Tom Brady may join the Raiders if Jimmy Garoppolo's contract falls through, but he would face several barriers.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio said Saturday that Garoppolo, who inked a three-year deal with Las Vegas this offseason, would've failed a medical due to his pre-existing foot issue.

 The waiver adds Garoppolo's $11.25M signing bonus to his 2023 basic salary, giving him $22.5M if he plays one game for Las Vegas.

Last season, Garoppolo broke his foot in San Francisco's Week 13 win over Miami and thought he wouldn't need surgery. 

Brady, awaiting his minority ownership stake in the Raiders, has been suggested as a backup quarterback due to Garoppolo's uncertainty.

 As a part owner, he'd be an unofficial player, and with access to team resources, he's the Raiders' best option.

On Sunday, Florio denied speculations, saying Brady would require unanimous approval from all 32 owners, which is impossible. 

Brady could play for the league minimum while retaining ownership perks, which teams would reasonably object to. Since he's an owner, Brady would make more if he signed a larger contract.

Brady says he's quitting "for good," but he's changed his mind before. He may delay buying Raiders shares until the Garoppolo situation is resolved.



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