Jaylen Brown to Kyle Lowry: You are dirty

For the second consecutive season, a crucial Game 7 between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics is scheduled.

The Heat's Kyle Lowry has been accused of playing dirty by Jaylen Brown of the Celtics during this tight showdown.

A video of the event shows Brown grabbing a rebound and stepping up for a shot. 

Lowry makes contact with Brown during this play after furiously swinging his right arm. The swing doesn't seem to be an effort to deflect the ball or stop the shot.

This allegation is made during Game 6 of the series, which the Celtics just barely win 104-103 thanks to an amazing last-second put-back from Derrick White.

150 teams have faced a 3-0 disadvantage in the playoffs up until this point, and none of them have managed to stage a comeback. 

While three prior NBA teams have been successful in forcing a Game 7, none of them have been successful in winning that decisive match.

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