Jon Gruden rejoins NFL with NFC South.

After the Raiders fired him for a major controversy, it was unclear if Gruden would return to the NFL. His limited participation with the New Orleans Saints answers that question.

Gruden has worked with the Saints and new quarterback Derek Carr, according to Gruden, an offensive guru, knows Carr from his Raiders days.

He coordinated the team's early offense this week. The Saints hope Carr can improve a struggling offense.

New Orleans has many weapons, including second-year receiver Chris Olave and veteran Michael Thomas.

NFC South is available. Tampa Bay will decline this season. Carolina has a rookie quarterback and Atlanta has severe quarterback issues. If the Saints are average, they could win the division.

Gruden hopes to prove his worth in this league, while Carr hopes to disprove his critics. The NFC is wide open and the Saints may overperform due to their schedule.

Jon Gruden's NFL debut is unexpected. Messy scandals often end careers. He may have learnt from his mistakes and help the Saints this season.


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