Leo Monthly Horoscope, June 2023

As the June 3 Sagittarius full moon unfolds, you'll find liberty through your interests and pastimes.

You'll be reminded of the value of creative expression as the full moon occurs. As a fellow fire sign, your artistic pursuits are an integral part of who you are. This is a time of increased creativity,

but it's also a chance for you to think about how you might explore self-expression without any restrictions or boundaries. I'm sure you'll be delighted with the outcomes, so see where spontaneity leads you today.

On June 5, Venus enters Leo, where it will stay for the following four months. In addition to giving you a creative inspiration boost, this transit brings your need for connection, passion, and partnership to the forefront of your life.

Expect this to be a period of socializing and putting your need for enjoyment, acknowledgement, and admiration in your relationships first.

The new moon in Gemini on June 18 will encourage you to socialize and network by bringing new friendships and connections into your life.

Even if it merely results in an intensely exciting chat, this new moon offers you the chance to share your most recent thoughts and ideas with your community.

Your mind will undoubtedly be buzzing with fresh ideas as a result of today's energy, which will be fueled by the individuals in your current inner circle.

On June 21, the sun enters the sign of Cancer, slowing down some of your recent social energy and urging you to focus on yourself. How do you take care of your inner light and yourself ?

Take the time and space you need to recharge if you've been needing it; believe me, you'll want to be ready for the events your season will finally bring.

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