Leslie Frazier suggests a bleak NFL future.

Frazier attended the NFL's coach accelerator program, which "increases exposure between owners, executives,

Diverse coaching talent, providing ample opportunity to develop and build upon their relationships," without mentioning the Bills.

After his failed stint as Minnesota Vikings head coach, the veteran defensive coordinator has expressed his desire to coach again. 

He went 21-32-1 over four seasons. Minnesota finished last in the NFC North three times and made one postseason appearance.

Frazier said he's utilizing his newfound free time to enjoy life on his terms, doing things he didn't have time for during his 30-plus-year coaching career.

Frazier is content if Buffalo's 27-10 playoff defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022 was his final game as a coach. 

“I feel good,” Frazier remarked. I feel comfortable about leaving. It basically lets me refuel and refocus. I'll observe certain teams' OTAs, training camp, and clubs."



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