Le'Veon Bell regrets 'petty' Pittsburgh exit, would like 'a couple' preseason carries before retiring as Steeler

Le'Veon Bell recently acknowledged what has been clear since his departure from Pittsburgh in 2019: he should never have left.

On Friday, Bell discussed his infamous contract dispute on the Steel Here podcast. "Yeah, it was a little petty, the little guarantee stuff," Bell said.

I'm wondering, "Damn, could I have just eaten it? Yes, I most likely could have. likely that I could have eaten it."

Before everything went wrong, Bell and Pittsburgh were a match made in heaven.

Bell's rare blend of patience and pop, dancing through holes just as they closed, led to 5,336 rushing yards and 35 touchdowns while playing for the Steelers,

Throughout his five-year tenure with the team from 2013 to 2017, he made it to three Pro Bowls and had two All-Pro seasons.

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