Lose Weight With 6 Small Meals A Day

Like many women, I lost most of my pregnancy weight after having infants, but those last 20 pounds seemed hard to lose. I carried that weight for years before forgetting about it. I slowly reached a new normal.

 I accepted my "mom bod." After my youngest reached five, I wondered, “If I really tried, could I get back to my pre-baby weight?” What if I formed a strategy instead than just eating less or doing cardio? Is an organized diet enough to change my body?

I grappled with the idea of an ordered diet as I contemplated my weight loss goals (this time I was serious). I didn't need Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I kept thinking, "I only need to lose 20 pounds," which was an obstacle. Structured diets seemed for those who needed to lose more than I did. I erred.

Any weight loss requires structured diets. To lose fat, even a few pounds, you need an organized nutrition plan. Most people who crash diet or diet without a strategy will lose and regain the same 5 pounds. A diet without a plan never reduces weight or fat or changes the body. When you're ready to change, start a systematic nutrition plan. Otherwise, you're spinning your wheels.

Losing Weight With 6 Small Meals A Day Diets range from skipping meals to eating more. These possibilities can confuse the mind, which achieves nothing. Scientists have shown that eating smaller, more frequent meals can help some people lose weight. A six-meal-a-day schedule may help you manage hunger and energy. Both are essential for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Small Meals Here are some modest supper ideas to inspire you: Chicken-topped green salad. One handful of almonds and two ounces of dark chocolate Cottage cheese with pear or apple slices

5-ounce steak and guacamole Vegetable or chicken tortilla soup (small bowl). Turkey, tomato, and avocado lettuce wrap.

Scrambled eggs or egg bits with fresh veggies and 1/2 sourdough toast. Rethinking your meals to know you'll never go hungry is all it takes to retrain your brain to eat smaller portions. Small meals are usually around.


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