Montana trans couple harassed Pride shirt-throwing man

A guy dumped Pride items on the floor at a Montana Target shop and advised a transgender couple to "enjoy it while you can."

Missoula Target employees removed an elderly white guy who approached Octavia Jimenez and her non-binary girlfriend, April Dean.

Target has been criticized for removing LGBT+ goods from shops across to safeguard workers who have received hostility.

The University of Montana students, who migrated from Texas, said the guy accosted them while shopping on Thursday.

Dean said the Republican language in the Montana statehouse explained the anti-trans mindset.

“As people see their elected officials harassing trans people, this kind of attitude towards trans people gets extended into the public sphere,” they stated. “It implies this is acceptable.”

“The man insulted customers as well as staff and yelled, ‘your kids can’t be gay’ while leaving the store,” said the right-wing extremism watchdog.



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