New Throwing Motion of Trey Lance

With the 2023 NFL season only a few months away, the San Francisco 49ers are focused on the quarterback position and who will start Week 1.

With an encouraging report on Brock Purdy's condition this week, head coach Kyle Shanahan may have the quarterback he wants to open the 2023 season,

But it's not certain that the second-year quarterback will be ready to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 10.

Anthony Flores of NBC Bay Area reported a new throwing motion for Trey Lance, who might be the second or third quarterback.

An NFL quarterback altering his throwing motion at this stage in his career may indicate that the club isn't happy with his growth.

It might also release his skills and make him a viable starter for the squad.

Purdy, Lance, Brandon Allen, and Sam Darnold are the 49ers' quarterbacks, with Purdy expected to start and Lance and Allen competing for the No. 2 slot.

Lance may compete for a backup slot unless the club trades him before the season.



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