New York Giants QB making huge off-field influence

Since his draft, New York Giants backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor has been a league favorite. He's a leader and a valuable backup QB.

 His influence extends beyond football. Taylor recently founded the Tyrod Taylor Wellness Center.

 Taylor collaborated with Hampton, Virginia. He and his charity aim to improve the neighborhood for youth. 

The Boys and Girls Club where Taylor, 33, and his cousins played basketball while his parents worked after-school hours was on the verge of closing a couple years ago.

The community rejected property sale plans. Taylor, aware of a citywide violence increase, heard. -- 

“By all means have those dreams of being the next quarterback, point guard, or women’s tennis star, but understand that sports is not the only area we measure success,” Taylor said. 

I want to be realistic and tell them that is not the only dream you need to raise yourself. Hampton Roads has many creatives.” -- Taylor

His NFL QB struggles have only made him stronger. He hopes his rocky NFL career might inspire young people to persevere. 


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