Pat McAfee ESPN deal: Insider breaks down fast-growing show host's new eight-figure contract

The well-known sports media figure Pat McAfee recently made waves when he revealed that, once his deal with FanDuel expires, he would be joining ESPN.

McAfee's new arrangement has reached the eight-digit level, according to an update from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, even though the specifics of the agreement were initially kept under wraps.

This important achievement in the sports media sector represents a milestone

since it establishes a precedent for retired sportsmen to pursue comparable endeavors and possibly land rich contracts once they leave their particular sports.

McAfee's accomplishments and the huge cash reward he received will undoubtedly encourage other athletes to look at career prospects in the media.

Pat McAfee, according to Andrew Marchand, has signed a hefty five-year deal with ESPN that is thought to be worth about $85 million.

Given his history as a former punter for the Indianapolis Colts, this sizeable agreement signifies a huge accomplishment for McAfee.

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