People Who Lost 10 Pounds in a Month Reveal Their Best Tips

In a weight loss video on TikTok, @arianapinto_ described three ways she lost 10 pounds in a month, including eating more real foods and fewer processed items.

1. Eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods

Another tried-and-true TikToker @arianapinto_ tip? Home cooking! Since you choose the ingredients for your meals, losing weight is easier.

2. Cooking healthy homemade meals

Ariana says, "I was cooking all my meals at home and making sure that my food was prepped for the next day for wherever I was going to be at."

3. Meal prepping

Weight loss requires strength training. Weightlifting won't make you "bulky," so don't worry! Ariana's video suggests strength training four to five times a week. Weightlifting is one of the Nutrition Twins' top fat-loss habits.

4. Performing strength training and lifting weights

Keto coach Bre (@ketocoachbre) on TikTok says she's been attempting to reduce weight for two years after giving birth. "In the last month, I have made more progress than I have the entire time, and I want to share exactly what I've been doing," Bre adds. "Once I started tracking my food and following one of my own meal plans, I started seeing progress so, so quickly."

5. Tracking food

Bre advised creating body-specific routines. "I did hot Pilates religiously for the first year postpartum, and it was exhausting. "I was exhausted after every class and didn't see any results," Bre says. She improved after "strictly" lifting weights and abandoning hot Pilates.

6. Finding the best workouts for your body

Lace up and climb those stairs! TikToker and fitness influencer @kate.tries lost 10 pounds in a month by walking three miles a day. The video says, "Walking is really the best and I feel much stronger." In the clip, @kate.tries tweeted, "I made the commitment and then I just did it."

7. Walking three miles daily


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