Raiders "In The Mix" For DeAndre Hopkins

Last week, the Arizona Cardinals released former All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, sparking NFL rumors. 

He had been traded since the offseason began, but no deal was made.

Probably many explanations. While prolific, DeAndre Hopkins has battled to stay on the field the previous two seasons. He missed seven 2021 and eight 2022 games. 

His pricey contract and desire to sign a new one restricted his market. Released DeAndre Hopkins may select his future club.

He recently revealed his preferred quarterbacks. DeAndre Hopkins wants to play alongside Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Justin Herbert, like most NFL wide receivers.

Despite his preferences, other teams will be in the running. His talent will be sought by several clubs in the league.

Watch the Las Vegas Raiders. They may sign the veteran wide receiver, creating a standout duo with Davante Adams. Opponents would struggle to slow them.

The Raiders? NYDN's Pat Leonard wrote. (ClutchPoints) “They have no state income tax, and they’re close to Hopkins’ temporary Arizona home.”

There are benefits to joining the Raiders, but the greatest challenge would be convincing him to start Jimmy Garoppolo.

 If their teams want Hopkins, Garoppolo may be hard to sell. However, the Raiders will be thorough. Upgrade your roster whenever you can



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