Rob Gronkowski Sends Clear Message About the Tom Brady to Raiders Rumors

Rob Gronkowski singled out one tidbit as the craziest rumor from this offseason's rumor mill.

On today's episode of Kay Adams' talk show Up & Adams, Brady's connection to the Las Vegas Raiders was discussed. Brady, as we all know, wants to join the team's ownership group. 

Adams went a step farther, predicting that Brady's alliance with Las Vegas may, in principle, make it simple for him to make a comeback. Adams suggested that the Raiders might turn to Brady if Jimmy Garoppolo's medical troubles prohibit him from playing as a Raider. 

Gronk refuted this hypothesis. I've heard some crazy stuff, but this is the craziest thing I've heard all of May so far, Gronkowski said.

"I think he could play all the way until the age of 50," the retired tight end said, "just from what I've seen, just being around him for so long." So there is no doubt that it will always be a story. 

But if Jimmy [Garoppolo] simply follows the prescribed course of treatment, he will ultimately pass the physical. After that, there won't be any more of a tale, and he'll be the Raiders' quarterback.

Gronk constantly acknowledges that Brady still has the ability to play NFL football and is always respectful of the quarterback he has so great success with. However, all signs lead to Tom leaving that chapter of his life behind. 


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