Pisces Weekly Horoscope, May 29–June 4, 2023

Don't let your past mistakes limit your opportunities in the future. Costs associated with energy usage and property maintenance could exist.

A previous itinerary for your trip should be available for you to review this week. Discord can result from opposing points of view and opinions.

If you and your partner have a particularly strong bond, even a minor disagreement could lead to tension.

Patience may enable you to prevent any mistakes when it comes to concluding any deal that is pertinent to your line of work.

 It's anticipated that this week will be productive. There are many business owners that could gain from support.

Students might be filled with optimism and self-assurance, which would both improve their performance in class.

 If you tend to think negatively and feel stressed out, it could be difficult to deal with health difficulties. 

Sports that demand a lot of physical effort should be avoided by athletes who have sensitive nerves since they may aggravate them.

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