Virgo Monthly Horoscope, June 2023

On June 3, as the full moon in Sagittarius lights the sky, take a minute to reflect on significant issues in your domestic and private sphere.

Although you tend to be rather practical, this full moon is urging you to broaden your eyes and look in new directions, especially in the area where you now reside.

This lunation is an opportunity to imagine what your perfect surroundings would look like if you let your imagination run wild,

whether you're looking for exciting opportunities in your current house or inviting new family members into your inner world.

The Gemini new moon on June 18 encourages you to start over in your professional life and beckons you to get enquiring about how you might learn more about your field.

Your employment should psychologically challenge you, but to achieve this, you must continue to be teachable.

Think about how you continue to learn and keep informed in your line of work today; the more you know, the more you can teach others.

On June 21, as the sun enters the emotionally-driven sign of Cancer, your social life picks up.

Although you joyfully embrace the position of the maternal friend, this season is making you more conscious of the ways in which you provide consolation and support to your neighborhood.

Increasing your network and your drive to work with others during this time will provide you plenty of emotional satisfaction.

However, be careful not to overextend yourself this season because you won't need much to feel overwhelmed because your emotions are so strong.

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