Starbucks Launches 3 New Frozen Drinks for Summer

Arena Media Brands, LLC and other website content providers may earn money for some product and service links. Brands launching summer flavors for the new season is the best! New tastes are everywhere, from Kit Kat's churro bar to Sprite's latest Lymonade can.

Megh from @coffeepassport loves coffee and was pleased to see Starbucks' summer menu. Is the hype justified? See below! If you're a Starbucks lover, you'll remember summer drinks like the S'mores Frappuccino. The coffee brand appears to be experimenting this year.

Starbucks will release three "new" and three "Customize Summer" drinks on June 27th. Starbucks is offering pineapple passionfruit lemonade, strawberry açai lemonade, and mango dragonfruit lemonade as "new" frozen refreshers. The best summer snacks!

Three crazy bespoke cocktail concoctions made it onto the Summer 2 menu! These are more adventurous than refreshers. Chocolate cream cold brew with caramel syrup in a caramel-lined cup. They're adding an iced chai latte with matcha cream cool foam and an iced black tea with peach juice and strawberries for non-coffee consumers. Whew!

While they seem fantastic, some Starbucks aficionados, like Megh, are unhappy because they look to be new versions of existing syrups!

"Im excited to try the new frozen drinks but i wish they would have brought back new flavors!!" Megh remarked in her video caption. Try these new menu items? We may need a frosty drink in summer. We'll always love the S'mores frapp. 


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