Texans Thank Veteran QB Case Keenum During OTAs

Davis Mills and C.J. Stroud will compete to start the Houston Texans' 2023 season.

Only Case Keenum is not a candidate for the starting quarterback position. Keenum did not compete for the starting job with the Texans.

He was signed as a free agent in March to be a reliable position group veteran. Keenum met Texans' expectations in the first week of OTAs. 

"Keenum has been awesome," coach DeMeco Ryans stated. "He's great. Clever player. Knows it inside out. 

"It's really wonderful for those guys to have Case, similar to Robert [Woods], right, two veteran guys who are sharp individuals, not just helping out, but competing as well. So Case and Robert's cool."

After one season with the Buffalo Bills, Keenum joined the Texans for two years.

In 78 games, the 10-year veteran has thrown 14,884 yards, 78 touchdowns, and 48 interceptions. Undrafted out of Houston, Keenum played with the Texans from 2012 to 2014.

He may not affect the Texans' 2023 record. Since Keenum will help build Houston's next franchise quarterback, his input may be more valuable.

Stroud called learning from Keenum a "blessing," while Mills called working with the veteran "great."

Mills said, "He's been in a version of it before, but he has so much knowledge from being in the NFL for so long."

"It's been fantastic getting to ask him a lot of questions and witnessing his past experiences and learning from him. It's great."

Keenum last started in 2018. He completed 62.3 percent of his throws for a career-best 3,890 yards and 18 touchdowns for the Washington Redskins, who went 6-10. 



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