The Celtics Can’t Run It Back After This

Over the past 22 years, everything has been thrown at Boston sports fans. Dynasties. Heartbreaks. Broken curses. Seasons broke apart.

With the Red Sox defeating the Yankees 19 years ago and the Bruins losing to the Flyers 13 years ago, Boston has been on both ends of these rivalries.

The city questioned on Monday whether the Celtics would become the first NBA team to complete its own 3-0 comeback, cementing their place in history once more.

According to reports, a team outing to Topgolf last week helped mend the team's frayed camaraderie, and on Saturday, Derrick White made a miraculous shot to win Game 6.

The Celtics struggled in their biggest game of the year despite playing desperately and against the odds, scoring a season-low number of points and offering relatively few defensive stops.

No, these Celtics never resembled the 2004 Red Sox, a group distinguished by its carefree attitude and talent for winning in crunch time. They are impressionists, these Celtics.

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