The Daily Bee: T’was the Night Before Championship Saturday

I'm relieved to be writing this instead of a longer, more formal piece for once.

I signed up to write the preview of the game for tomorrow, and I'm already dreading it.

I'm going to have to write about Mainz and how they were one of the league's top teams in the second half of the season before dropping their last four games.

I'm also going to have to talk about Jonathan Burkhardt and what a fantastic season he's had, all while feigning journalistic integrity while secretly peeing my pants.

However, the Daily Bee has long since lost any pretense of journalistic integrity (you can tell because I began my sentence with "but," and by pointing it out I am no longer held responsible for it).

Here, I can express my true sentiments regarding tomorrow's game, namely, that I have not the foggiest idea what to anticipate. Will Dortmund start strong and score four goals? Maybe.

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