Tom Brady Favored to Become Starting Quarterback for AFC Team

Over the past week, reports have surfaced about the Las Vegas Raiders' new starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's peculiar contract arrangement.

Garoppolo failed his Raiders physical after signing, according to multiple sources. Left foot surgery caused the failed physical. Before agreeing, the Raiders attached a condition to his 3-year, $75 million contract requiring him to pass a physical before the 2023 season. The team can cancel the contract if he fails the physical.

Garoppolo's injury history and recent physical failure suggest he may not play this season. Who will be the Las Vegas Raiders' starting quarterback this season? At least one bookmaker favors Tom Brady, the Raiders' new minority owner and the greatest quarterback ever. 

Tom Brady returning to the Raiders as a 46-year-old quarterback seems unlikely. He's minority owner. His addition to the lineup would instantly boost the team's earnings. Josh McDaniels, his New England coach, would also return. That won't get Tom Brady back to the NFL. 

Tom Brady, one of the world's greatest athletes, is driven almost entirely by competition and winning. Would the Raiders satisfy those two motivators?

No way. The Raiders play in the NFL's toughest division and have a roster in flux, especially on defense. The Raiders lack the firepower to compete in the AFC West, even with Tom Brady. 

Brady has stated that his main motive for retiring is to spend more time with his family. Returning to the Raiders, who play on the other side of the country from his children, would make his personal life difficult. Why would BetOnline provide chances on Tom Brady replacing Jimmy Garoppolo as the Raiders' quarterback? 

Why not? This article has repeatedly cited BetOnline. Free advertising. If someone takes the bet, they'll likely donate to their sportsbook. 


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