Tomase: Celtics' one-dimensional offense finally did them in vs. Heat

One particular play in the catastrophic Game 7 on Monday made clear why the Celtics offense needs to be changed.

No one opposed Al Horford as he took a pass in the lane and into Miami's zone. Boston's 3-point shooters were left undefended by the Heat,

Brad Stevens' main task this summer will be determining whether the Celtics can just run back Joe Mazzulla's predictable system,

 which the Heat exploited throughout the Eastern Conference Finals. There was much too much of that throughout the playoffs.

In fact, Game 2 of the series featured one of the series' best soundbites when Miami coach Erik Spoelstra urged his team to withstand a Boston surge by essentially saying, "If they're not making 3s, they can't win."

The Celtics shouldn't be so one-dimensional, and Mazzulla's strong "no" in response to the question of whether or not the Celtics relied too on 3-point shooting didn't sound like the ideal growth attitude.

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