When did the Heat start to win Game 7 over the Celtics? As soon as Game 6 ended

The seasoned San Antonio Spurs were shell-shocked ten years ago following a historically heartbreaking Game 6 defeat to the Miami Heat that cost them a championship due to an illogical Ray Allen shot.

Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich famously brought the team to an Italian restaurant, offered them wine,

and interacted with each player one-on-one in an effort to help them work through their feelings in time for Game 7. Despite playing well, they still lost.

After his team's 103-84 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game 7, Spoelstra declared, sporting a 2023 Finals T-shirt, "It wasn't scripted."

The Celtics had been trying to make history at the Heat's cost.

"When you have such an intimate relationship with a locker room and they have it with each other, the staff has it with them, and they have it with the staff, sometimes it's just whatever's raw, whatever's real at that time," he added.

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