Why 49ers as potential Hopkins landing spot doesn't add up

DeAndre Hopkins, a wide receiver, has left the NFC West.

In any case, Hopkins is no longer an option for one NFC West team after the Arizona Cardinals released him on Friday.

But the 49ers might not benefit much from that.

Hopkins now has the chance to join a team that might pose a greater threat to the 49ers. After all, the Cardinals were not expected to have much of an impact this season, Hopkins or not.

Hopkins' time with the Cardinals came to an end on Friday because they were unable to find a trade partner.

Arizona gains $7.38 million in cap space as a result of the change, but he still owes $22.6 million in lost revenue. The action was taken to remove his sizable contract from their books going forward.

Hopkins had a strong rookie campaign in 2020 for the Cardinals, hauling in 115 passes for 1,407 yards and six touchdowns.

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