Why did Pat McAfee take a pay cut to join forces with ESPN? NFL $85M deal

McAfee's new contract, which is making news, appears to be a drop down from his previous $120 million agreement. The specifics of McAfee's contract were initially kept a secret.

NFL supporters, however, don't seem to be swayed by the most recent development and are unsure about the 36-year-old's decision.

According to a few users, McAfee might receive an increase under ESPN's new contract rather than a pay decrease.

According to reports, ESPN will pay for production expenses in addition to giving other personnel contracts.

After collaborating with ESPN, McAfee might be generating income through other channels like viewership.

The infrastructure of ESPN might also aid McAfee in expanding his program. Naturally, some viewers were curious as to how the revelation will impact McAfee's broadcast.

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