Wyoming's rare white bison calf is 'one-in-ten-million'.

On Tuesday, Wyoming Hope gave birth to a rare "one-in-ten-million" albino white bison at a Wyoming state park.

The buffalo was born in Bear River State Park around 6:30 p.m. The News reports a 30-pound baby.

Albino white bison are uncommon and precious to several Native American tribes, according to the American Indian College Fund.

The Lakota Sioux, who were famished one summer, revere white bison. "Return to your people and tell them I am coming," a white-clad lady told two young men searching for food in the Black Hills of South Dakota, according to native traditions.

The lady rolled on the ground four times before becoming a white bison. The Lakota Sioux folklore claims bison were numerous.

The Native American College Fund reported indignation over the 2012 murder of a white bison and its mother on a Lakota property.



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