'Yellowstone' Announced Kelly Reilly News

The Paramount Network show is honoring the actress' career accomplishments amid Kevin Costner's recent praise for playing John Dutton. 

The show's social crew revealed Kelly's 2023 Gracies Awards win on Instagram. 

"Today (and always!) we're celebrating @mzkellyreilly for winning #TheGracies," her March 30 Instagram post stated.

Yellowstone fans raved over Kelly's professional accomplishment online. Many Instagram users commented on the performance and her, expressing their delight.

"Hear me" Outstanding actress. [Period]! "Well-deserved!" wrote one. "Well earned!!! "Kelly Reilly is an absolute QUEEN and her portrayal of Beth could not be any better," another user said. Well done! 

Kelly won a TV prize after being nominated for Yellowstone at the Critics Super Choice Awards in February.

Though she didn't win an award, people still like her portrayal as the lone Dutton daughter and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser)'s longstanding love.

Though fans won't see Kelly until season 5 part 2, they're celebrating her journey there.



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