Zodiac Signs That Are Terrible At Relationships


You planned things without including your partner, seemed to be shocked when he reached out to you while acting as if you expected him to ghost you.


The issue is that you spend so much time being cautious and making sure that the other person is suitable before you even consider dating them.


You weren't interested in getting married if someone better came along. What if you were already in a relationship when you found the one? 


He was forthright in letting you know that he wasn't keen on dating, but you were sure that as he got to know you more.


You made the courageous and healthy choice to quit the relationship because you are too busy to spend time on almosts and not good enough.


Perhaps your paths will cross again in the future when they will be better aligned, but for the time being, it is best that you part ways.


Because neither of you were willing to be open and honest in your relationship, it was doomed from the start.


You were both incredibly sexually attracted to each other but had nothing else in common. It was never going to amount to more.


 You value your autonomy and like to be untethered from other people whenever possible.


You had no time to go visit him, period. You were too preoccupied to do more than send the odd SMS.


There wasn't much one-on-one time between the two of you. Instead of doing things as a couple, you always preferred to go on group dates with your buddies.


You assumed he would read your mind and fulfill your every want without you having to speak a word. 



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