Zoë Kravitz's Weight Loss Tips

Kravitz's home workouts are simple yet powerful. "I do simple cardio, sit-ups, and squats," she explains.

Cardio and Squats

Sometimes it's five o'clock and I've just taken a sip of water. I work out or stroll. I try to eat well—greens, steamed vegetables, and anything without oil or additives. 

 Lots of Water & Vegetables

"Working out is my alone time," she explains. I run, hike, or use the gym elliptical depending on where I am. I'm not fussy."

Elliptical and Hiking

During pandemic lockdowns, Kravitz utilized a trainer. "I've been working out virtually with my trainer David Higgins five days a week," she explains.

Five-Day Personal Trainer

"I spent two months in London getting in shape, training, and learning fights before we started shooting two weeks ago. I can fight now."

Catwoman Training

Stress too. Eat and relax. Water, organic, non-processed meals, fish oils for skin, and probiotics for digestion."

No Processed Foods

I've seen so many "beautiful" individuals who are insecure and don't notice their attractiveness. Beautiful for two seconds."

Adoring Her



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